Bitlife Maximum Security Prison Escape Guide How To Escape Every Prison

Bitlife Maximum Security Prison Escape Guide How To Escape Every Prison. Maximum prison maps are by far the hardest to escape, and most players can get stuck in these areas. The trick is to block the security guard in the walls of the maze so that his move set is restricted allowing you to escape from prison in bitlife.

BitLife Howto Escape Every Prison Guide (2019) All Jail Layouts from

You can move either one tile up, down, left, or right each turn, and you must avoid the security guard by staying out of his sight. In this game, your aim is to reach the exit before the prison guard catches you. You can easily achieve the first one if you enter and escape a jail about four times.

Maximum Prison Maps Are By Far The Hardest To Escape, And Most Players Can Get Stuck In These Areas.

The life simulator game bitlife lets you do anything you want, but remember that your actions can have consequences! For example jailbird and houdini both require. There will be 3 sided boxes in the bitlife jail that he can be trapped in and you.

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Move downward and turn to the left side. This brings with it some maps that are far tougher than the standard prison maps, such as the old 4×4 and 5×6 that you’re used to. All maximum security prison escape maps are 8×8 grids.

There Are Also Small Walls Which Can Be Useful When Working Out How To Escape.

The object of the mini game is to make sure you reach the exit before the guard gets to you, but it is not made easy! Follow the given steps to overcome the harsh situation, break the security, trick the guard, and escape: 8×8 are the hardest prisons to complete, so check these video guides:

You Can Move Either One Tile Up, Down, Left, Or Right Each Turn, And You Must Avoid The Security Guard By Staying Out Of His Sight.

While locked up, tap the prison menu to the left of the age button. Max security prison 1 8×8. The cop can make 2 moves for every one move you make.

You Can Easily Achieve The First One If You Enter And Escape A Jail About Four Times.

We bring you an excellent guide to let you know how to escape all bitlife prison maps. One of them is of an 8×7 grid and the rest are. Whenever you head the 5×7 prison map, you find the guard standing forth the exit point.

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