Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations

Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations. Drop down and immediately glide into the large cave here. Geoculi can only be found in the overworld, and will not appear in chests.

Geoculus Locations Genshin Impact Full Map All 131 Geoculus locations from

There are currently 131 geoculus in genshin impact, an adventure item located throughout the regions of liyue. Inside, you will find a dead ruin guard. Kinglegend this article guide is about genshin impact new fishing system such as fish type, locations, spot, spawn time, bait, and more.

The Geoculus Is An Adventure Item That Can Be Found Scattered Across Liyue.

Drop down and immediately glide into the large cave here. It is an rpg game that is full of fun and requires no cost to play it. Anemoculus is used to worship at statues of the seven in the first half of the map.

Each Statue Of Seven Has Its Own Level And Can Be Leveled Up.

One such collectible is geoculus orbs. Geoculus can sometimes be on the ground, caves, even in very high air. Likewise, you also use geoculus to level up the statue and gain stuff like stamina.

Genshin Impact's Open World Is Packed With Side Quests And Collectibles For Players To Uncover.

There are 41 geoculus in liyue's bishui plains. When getting close to one, a small diamond shape will appear on the map. Geoculus is an item in genshin impact that you can find all across the liyue region.

Kinglegend This Article Guide Is About Genshin Impact New Fishing System Such As Fish Type, Locations, Spot, Spawn Time, Bait, And More.

An interactive map of genshin impact game. Also read | genshin impact all anemoculus locations: Genshin impact electroculus locations on seirai island part 2 (south) (image credit:

They Are Found In The Liyue Area And Are Used To Level Up Statues Of The Seven, Which Can Increase Your Stamina And Provide Other Rewards.

Use the progress tracker to find everything! The geoculus is a collectible in genshin impact, used as an offering to any statue of the seven in return for a stamina boost. Genshin impact is full of mysterious items and powerful characters, however, geoculus in genshin impact is one of the most essential items in the game.

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