Genshin Impact Hu Taos Story Quest And Domain Puzzles Guide

Genshin Impact Hu Taos Story Quest And Domain Puzzles Guide. Quests are the story content in genshin impact. This upcoming story quest for hu tao in genshin impact requires an adventure rank of at least 40 or above, and it starts on.

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Note that you are recommended to. Having a party with one pyro, hydro, and electro will make sure you're ready for. While some of the puzzles are quite easy, others require you to go to a certain location to complete them.

Genshin Impact [New Update] *Tips:

Genshin impact's latest update has brought players to the strange land of enkanomiya. Fans will have plenty of time. Like other story quests, hu tao’s story quest in genshin impact includes a lot of walking back and forth.

This List Will Be Updated As The Story Of Genshin Impact Goes On And New Story Quests Are Introduced.

You will need a geo character to complete the puzzle. To get the image puzzle just zoom out to get the right angle. How to start hu tao story quest.

Hu Tao Has Just Joined The Roster, And She’s Got Her Own Quest Called “Papilio Charontis.” Here’s Our Genshin Impact Guide To Help You With Hu Tao’s Story Quest And Its Domain Puzzles.

We’ll be sending off a spirit, not a malevolent one, just one that has struggled to pass on. Archon quests tell the main story of the traveler and paimon, as they travel the world of teyvat in search of the traveler's missing twin sibling by proxy of visiting all of the seven. We will be adding more puzzles as we find them.

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Be sure to check out this guide as we will update you with more. For more information about the game, check out our genshin impact guides and features hub. Go to wuwang hill and talk to the undertaker.

Fans Should Now Grab This New Orb And Illuminate The Two Lanterns That Flank The Closed Door To Solve The Hu Tao Dungeon Puzzle In Genshin Impact And Release The Lock.

Once you’ve hit 40, press the j key on pc or use l1 to bring up the quick select wheel and go to your quest journal, then click on the story. Quests are the story content in genshin impact. Here’s the answer to get inside and claim your one time rewards.

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