Genshin Impact Puzzle Guide Solve The Mystery Of The Stones Octave Of Maushiro

Genshin Impact Puzzle Guide Solve The Mystery Of The Stones Octave Of Maushiro. From here, you should see a ghost near a ring of stone. For more information about the game, check out our genshin impact guides and features hub.

Genshin Impact Solve the Mystery of the Stones Puzzle The Nerd Stash from

The octave of maushiro is the second part of the through the mist questline. Octave of the maushiro stone puzzle 1 solution. On completing the second part of the through the mist questline known as “the octave of maushiro”, players will unlock the gadget peculiar.

How To Complete The Octave Of The Maushiro World Quest.

The mystery continues, in the sea of fog and the rite of the trees. An electro seelie will spawn and quickly fly away. Go back to tsurumi island.

Using The Pinion Reveals A.

Ruu will request that players help him solve some mysteries around the island. Genshin impact version 2.2 reminds players how tough some of their puzzles can be in the open world. Guide includes how to get the fire torch puzzle, solution, & how to unlock!

Octave Of The Maushiro Is A World Quest For Genshin Impact.

Besides the ghost is a bird statue with electro. Proceed to the marked location and cross the big stone gate again to clear the fog. Once you get the gadget, interact with the statue then talk with the illusion which would point you to where the maushiro is.

The Quest Will Introduce Players To The History Of The Island.

Restore the stones and solve the puzzle is a part of genshin impact’s octave of maushiro world quest in the through the mists questline that many players find hard to complete as the objective is associated with a puzzle that players have to solve to progress the quest. This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the quest with all the puzzles. The mystery of the stones is a puzzle that players will need to solve as part of the octave of the maushiro quest.

To Start, Go To The Waypoint At Wakukau Shoal.

See how to get the quest, where to start octave of the maushiro and how to. In fact, you only need to drop down to the beach. Using the small gear will display a set of symbols on the wall.

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