Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Shrine Of Depths Location

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Shrine Of Depths Location. Genshin impact inazuma shrine of depths locations. This guide will help you find all the locations on the map for the time trial.

Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths Pocket Tactics from

For more chests, here are all the genshin impact shrine of depths locations. To reach the two shrines on tsurumi island, you will first need to complete a majority of the quest a particularly particular author.this is a challenging quest, and the fog will return for four days in a row; They will need the peculiar pinion to solve these stone slate puzzles.

The Seventh Stone Slate Location In Tsurumi Island (Image Via Genshin Impact) The Last Stone Slate Is Located Southwest Of Autake Plains.

Walk from the nearby teleport waypoint towards the north, then look down from the cliff’s edge to see the shrine. Go to the teleport waypoint in nantianmen, then climb the. You can already see the shrine of depths in the distance.

Tsurumi Island All Time Trial Locations Revealed And How To Complete Them.

In the water below the perch in shirikoro peak. This genshin impact wiki guide details everything you need to know about the genshin impact shrine of depths and includes the location of each shrine, and how to get the keys required to unlock. To make it easier for you, we’ve separated the locations into each island, with the shrines of depths marked on the maps.

Watatsumi Island Shrine Of Depths Location.

Shrine of depths location 1. The lore behind the island is extremely intriguing, and the only way to get it all is by finishing all of the quests. You should see the shrine of depths a little further uphill.

A List Of All Ghost In Tsurumi Island That Will Appear On Genshin Impact 2.2.

There are seven tsurumi island stone slate locations for genshin impact players to find. Inazuma shrine of depths locations is a list of shrine locations in genshin impact! Walk towards the west from the direction of the anemo hypostasis arena.

Players Can Finally Unlock The Remaining Shrine Of Depths Of The Inazuma Region.

It involves five shrines that can be found around yashiori island. Shrine 3 can be found in kannazuka, near the shakkei pavilion. Judging by how good rewards you can get, we though it be best to share all shrine of depths locations in liyue.

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