How To Make A Stone Can In Merge Mansion

How To Make A Stone Can In Merge Mansion. The primary source is lvl 4 or above toolbox, which you can obtain by merging parts of toolbox found in the garage from. Players will be able to get the tin can in merge mansion:

Mixing Brick And Stone Exterior How To Combine Brick Stone South from

Level up garden statue to level 6. *xp drops upon merge and does not repeat, item drops generate repeatedly unless parent item is. The way you get planted flowers and the tin can in merge mansion has changed since the may 19th update dropped, when the devs “messed” with the blossoming bush.

The Way You Get Planted Flowers And The Tin Can In Merge Mansion Has Changed Since The May 19Th Update Dropped, When The Devs “Messed” With The Blossoming Bush.

Starting at level 6 garden statues drop small tin can. To make the stone can now you must play the ignatius boulton event and get garden statues. Search for more answers for merge mansion or ask your own question here.

How Can You Get The Stone Because I Don't Know The Steps To It?.

By performing the following steps: As someone mentioned, it's a long process. Tap it as much as possible without making it disappear (27 taps for blue chest, 21 for brown).

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Merge mansion is the first game released by the finnish studio metacore games, previously known as everywear games. The company secured and €15 million investment and €10 credit line from supercell to fuel the game’s global release and currently the new discovery puzzle game is available for both android and ios users to install and play. There are several ways to get a paint can in merge mansion.

One Kind Eventually Merges Into A Tree.

Or, to be more precise, they’ve added the planted flowers, while pretty much phasing out the tin can. Garden statues are a reward item from the ignatius boulton event. One kind merges into the bush that will eventually give you objects you need for the stone can.

To Make The Stone Can Now You Must Play The Ignatius Boulton Event And Get Garden Statues.

It feels like it takes forever so i suggest you grow as many as possible. The second way to obtain the paint. There are a few different ways to obtain tools, aka wrench in merge mansion.

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