How To Get Gold Camo In Cod Mobile

How To Get Gold Camo In Cod Mobile. Once you have completed the tasks and have earned both camos for every weapon, you can head to start grinding for the. Obviously, it’s going to take a long time to grind the required kills to get diamond on each weapon, but the camo is absolutely gorgeous, so definitely worth putting in the time if you want to flex on your enemies.

COD Mobile MSMC Gold Camo Call of Duty Mobile Golden Camo Gameplay from

Now you may understand why we said that unlocking the platinum camo in cod mobile sound easier than done. How do you get gold skins in call of duty mobile? Full guide to unlock gold camos or gold s.

Obviously, It’s Going To Take A Long Time To Grind The Required Kills To Get Diamond On Each Weapon, But The Camo Is Absolutely Gorgeous, So Definitely Worth Putting In The Time If You Want To Flex On Your Enemies.

On the other hand, the platinum camo is unlocked when a player unlocks all the gold camos of a particular gun type. Ten kills per match for 150 matches total for each rifle. The first thing that players require to grind the diamond camo on a weapon is to.

Since The Updates Became More Frequent And There Were Incorporations Of Gunsmith And Skins, There’s Been A Heavy Grind I’ve Been On To Get All The Skins For Every Gun.

Steps to unlock gold camo in cod mobile season 13: Two months later, and cod mobile season 13 has brought us highly anticipated diamond mastery camo. It is unlocked by completing all 100 camo challenges for a weapon.

Mobile Diamond Camo For Melee Attacks And Launchers.

The most basic way to describe the unlock process is to complete a specific challenge for every weapon class in cod mobile. One of the fastest ways to unlock the gold camo is to complete multiple objectives at the same time. Best method to unlock diamond camo in cod mobile.

You Will Need To Get 500 Melee Kills In Total For The Melee Diamond Camo, While Launchers.

500 total kills with each melee weapon. As stated by the game, players will have to obtain platinum camos for every weapon. Tips for getting the gold camo #tiktokmalaysia #callofduty #codmobileclips #codmalaysia🇲🇾 #fyp #garena #codm #callofduty_mobile #codmobilemalaysia.

The Ton Of Rewards Released In The Seasonal Events And The Battle Pass Are Attracting Players To Play The Game More And More.

For instance, you could do up to 50 kills, hip fire and headshots. Cod mobile is quite an amazing game that is majorly successful. Players need to complete a unique mission for every camo in the game.

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