All about human urinary system


Homeostasis is necessary in the human body as it is balance of the internal body. In these working lots of human organs are involved. In living beings elimination of water nutrient and water is an important function. In the elimination of water urinary system plays an important role. Urinary system plays many important functions besides eliminating water toxins nitrogenous waste is also eliminated along this water and is dissolved in this water.

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Structures present:

In human urinary system parts present are as below:

  • Two bean shaped kidneys
  • Ureter
  • Bladder
  • Urethra


The working of the human urinary system, kidaney contains Bowman’s capsule that filtrate the water that is collected from all body through the blood. This extracted water from blood is passed through large number of ducts in kidney that will allow minimum water to be eliminated so that body can easily fulfill its water requirements. If kidney is not working properly either large amount of water is eliminated or no water is eliminated it will result in harm to body in both of cases.  Eliminated water from kidney move towards the tube that connects kidney to bladder it empties itself into the bladder and is named as urethra it is two in number one from each kidney. Bladder stores this urine by the help of sphincter that is present in urethra. The urethra is the last part having a sphincter in it; it will allow urine to move out of the body.


This system is not just responsible for elimination of fluid instead of that its main function is elimination of toxins from the body that may harm if remain for long time it will harm brain and other organs of body. This helps these toxins to be dissolved in water then eliminate this water containing dissolved substances this is termed as urine. It is seen that kidney filters fluid many times so that no harmful substance left in body and no useful substance is eliminated from the body.


It is seen that urinary system is  involved in excretion of waste from the body but besides this urinary system also involve in elimination of nitrogenous waste that is produced as a result of protein digestion . Kidney helps in maintain the normal pH of body.


Urinary system maintains internal balance of body by eliminating toxic compounds from the body. In kidney specialized structure enthrone is capable of eliminating the un-necessary elements that are present in blood stream. Healthy kidneys never waste any useful compounds from the body.

As the kidneys need water to make urine that is for dissolving these toxins body does not needs so it is recommended to drink plenty of water so that body keeps on eliminating harmful elements from the body. Those who are well hydrated will have dilute urine that means that if this urine remains for somehow long time it will not harm the body and this presence might affect bladder cells resulting in many complications or in kidney by damaging its cells. If an individual intake plenty of water than it will help to prevent lot of infections that are related to urinary track. In this case bacteria will not be able to live in bladder at any time of frequent urination it will be eliminated from the body.

Large number of complications is related to kidney s it should be advisable to drink lot of water and prevent your body from any damage this will affect your whole body as it will involve brain and it control functioning of all body parts.

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