How to get rid of color blindness



Color blindness is the disease that means color vision deficiency; it means that the patient is not beingable to see red, green or blue or the mixture of these colors. It happens very rare that a person cannot see all colors. It is a color vision disorder and it is that fact that problem in color vision can bring a huge change in your life. There are different types of color blindness; the most usual type of it is red-green blindness. In this form of blindness, red and green colors are seen same that meansa patient cannot differentiate among them. A patient is unable to see the colors of rainbow these are just normal colors for him/her.

Techniques to get better color vision:

Color blindness, unfortunately incurable disorder, but there are some aides that help the patient to take turn towards normal vision. The common techniques which are used to treat the disorder like warming one eye, iodine injection, vitamins, flash of light, extractedthe venom of cobras, electrical stimulation. It is very difficult to live with color vision deficiency, so there are same effective solutions for this disorder can be taken as treatment.

Aids of effective tools for color blindness:

The most effective and influential tool to get rid of this disorder is colored filters. These are all available in various forms and some are given for your concern.

Lenses: It is a recent medical development in this regard. These filtering lenses are very efficient in providing the ability of better vision and distinguishing between certain colors. But it is not the complete cure of this disorder; these lenses can only help to improve the vision deficiency. Here are some facts about these tinted lenses.

  • They can be used for one eye only.
  • They help in improving color vision in certain circumstances.
  • Some colors are felt vibrating due to the use of lenses in an eye.
  • These can be beneficial while driving for safety. It helps you to drive better.


These are effective in use if one glass is tinted. But sometimes it looks strange but the use of new technology has made it better and more effective. These tinted glasses are the perfect alternate of lenses.


It is a small tool that is prepared of two tinted filters, green and red. In this way it becomes easier for the patient to distinguish more colors by looking through the filters. It is a very beneficial for people in certain situations. These filters can be used for enhancing the efficiency of medical diagnostic instruments.

Treatment of color vision deficiency

Color blindness cannot be cured, since it is caused by an inherited defect of cells. That is the defect of the light sensitive pigment in a special cell that is present in the back of the eye. These are known as cone cells present in the retina. Some of the time there is a decrease in the quantity of these cone cells also. Consequentlythe treatment is the gene therapy that enables the patient to get rid of it permanently.


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