Steps to Get Started Google Adword Campaign


It method used for marketing of product with great facility. Ads will show on Google soon after starting of your campaign. How to start this campaign is an issue, but, there are some easy steps to facilitate you:

  1. How to search keywords?

Generate a list of keywords associated to product by using Google keyword. Try to pick up keyword showing most searches. Among those select best 20 and transfer those to your Google Adword account.

  1. 2. How to construct a campaign?

If you have already created an Adword account on Google than just generate new campaign and name it whatever you want, but always try to relate it with your product.

  1. Make an ad group on Google Adword campaign:

Ad group comprises of ads posted by you on Google. Number of ad groups in your campaign solely depends upon you.

  1. Minimum number of Ads in ad groups:

Generate a minimum of 2 ads in each group. It does not mean that you need to create two different ads just change their one line only to give somehow new look to ad.The headline should be unique, but must include your key word. Also add a description of your product having a key word in it.

  1. Ad must include demonstration and endpoint URL:

Your ads display and product URL must be same. The destination URL is used as an association filing of the ad.

  1. Enhance use of key words:

Key words that you have selected previously from Google key word are now used with different writing styles. Use of exact match style in writing key words not only helps you to find exactly matching word moreover more clicks are also under your target.

  1. Fixing budget:

Set up low budget on starting because data is collected over weeks and you are not aware which day will be profitable to you setting larger budget at starting will lead  you to be in loss. Evaluate average cost you have to pay per click.

8.Target your ads in Google Adwords campaign:

Make your ads targeted so that its performance will be enhanced. Target may be done to countries languages networks etc. it is used for quick access of your add

  1. Interchange of ads in ads group:

There will appear two options for ads in the Google Adword campaign. Oneof option there is to rotate ad to check which ad is performing better to increase your adaptation charges

  1. Tracking sale generation:

Keep on track with your key words which you have used it will let you which key word is producing your sales.

  1. Proper observation of campaign

Notice all aspects of your campaign to know which ad or key word is best then modify other according to it.

  1. Changes in campaign to enhance sales:

The purposeof running this campaign is to enhance salary by applying different methods. Keep on changing different things in camping at least you will obtain a combination that will make your campaign success full by letting you to earn more and more amount of money through it.




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